Wednesdays 6:30-8:30 pm

    Youth Group is open to those in grades 7-12.  All are welcome to come as we focus on building community, having fun together, digging into the Bible and growing deeper in our faith.  We mix in all kinds of FUN events including wide games, movie watching, board games, spikeball, scavenger hunts, ultimate frisbee, skating, sledding and of course, snacking!  Several times a year, we organized KINDNESS events which include volunteering at Hope Mission and other acts of service.  The last thing we can't forget is youth retreats!  We host a ski retreat and join other youth groups at several retreats throughout the year. 

    Upcoming Events

    When:  June 30 to July 7

    Where:  Estes Park, Colorado

    Cost:  $400

    *Contact  Erik for more details or

    visit the website at

    Young Adults

    Tuesdays 6:00 - 8:00 pm

    YA is open to those between the ages of 17-35ish.  If you find yourself in that stage of life where you are looking for community as you study, work or try to figure out what's next, then hey, come on out!  We start each evening around the table as we join in a meal and connect.  After eating, we open up the scriptures and see what God has in store.  We also organize random get-togethers to have fun and get to know each other better.  These activities include movie nights, skating, cross-country skiing, board games, sports at the park and other fun events.  Contact Erik for more details.


    Young Adult Mountain Camp Out 2024!

    The sun is out and summer is right around the corner, so who's in for a camping trip?!  There is a nice tenting only campground right next to the Kananaskis Lakes, down highway 40 west of Calgary. Come enjoy a fun weekend together in the mountains! Come to as much of it as you want. Kelsey and I will be there with a group from Calgary for sure. 

    When: June 21-23

    Ages: 18-35ish, All are welcome!

    Location: Mount Sarrail Campground in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park, Kananaskis Country.

    Cost: $31/night/site.

    I will go out early on Friday and get an area for us all to be together. You are responsible for paying the campground fee yourself as well as bringing a tent and camping gear. If you need some gear, ask! Someone might have extra tents or sleeping bags etc.


    Food: We will provide smokies and chips for supper on June 21 but then the rest of the weekend you are on your own. I'd encourage you to plan and share meals with others in your group.

    FUN Activities: I will have a trailer of canoes and gear for canoeing on the lake. There is also great hiking all around the area and a few waterfalls we can canoe and hike to and maybe find a hot spring that I've heard about! Feel free to bring mountain bikes if you want as well.Join the Facebook group to RSVP and for updates!:


    Erik Rust, Youth and Young Adult Director


    phone:  1-780-781-6814.