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About Us

Statement of Core Values


The Bible is central in our congregations and in our households.
The Word of God is the focus of our worship services, the textbook for our teaching ministries, and the foundation of our daily lives. Whether we are preaching, teaching, singing or just talking, we want to be people of the Word.

The Gospel is our treasure and our joy.
We want the Good news of God’s grace to us in Jesus Christ to be the centrepiece of our mission. All people need the Gospel. God’s children need to hear it again and again. The Good News is God’s power, which saves us, draws us together and motivates us for service.

We revere God’s law.
The Law of God cannot save us, but it is necessary for our salvation. We need to see our sin and be driven to the cross of Christ for forgiveness. We need to be reminded that we cannot earn God’s love or merit His blessings. We also need the ethical guidance which God’s Law gives. We dare not make up our own morality.
The Word and the Sacraments are God’s precious means of grace.
The Word teaches us, Baptism washes us, and the Lord’s Supper nourishes us. In our sacramental life together we are brought again and again to the crucified and risen Jesus Christ, who alone is the source of our salvation.

We cherish the love and fellowship of God’s people.
We need each other. We need the spiritual gifts, which the Holy Spirit imparts to His people. We experience God’s peace as we worship and work together, forgive one another, and bear one another’s burdens.

We long for people to trust in Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord, to come to know Him in a personal way.
We are called by the love of Christ to share His Gospel. Our mission is as local as our neighbourhood and as universal as the whole world.

We seek to be people of prayer.
Whether in public worship, small groups or in our personal lives, we want prayer to be foundational. Prayer supports and propels us in our mission. We desire that prayer be as essential in our ministries as breath is to our physical life.

Our Staff and main volunteers (5 Photos)

Those that Work hard to make this Church Family grow together in Christ
Lead Pastor Anthony Heiraas
Associate Pastor Ryan Dittmann
Music Director Dezell Domke
Church Secretary - Jennifer Clark
Pioneer Kids Club Director - Shirley Cook