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Upcoming Men's Ministry events

Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming Men's Ministry events happening at Peace
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  • Nov15Fri

    Men's Breakfast

    November 15, 2019

    SATURDAY November 23   8:30am  in the church basement. 

    Jeff and Janet will serve up another heartwarming breakfast. 

     The coffee will be on early (8:30am) so there is more time for fellowship before breakfast at 9.00am. 

     We will have a video presentation “Image Bearers” by N.T. Wright 


What are We all About?

Monthly Gatherings

The Men's Ministry here at Peace Focuses on getting men together, usually once a month. We try an engage men in topics we think they will enjoy as will as topics that will stretch and grow them. All these conversations are centered around 2 things Men love.
1. Food
2. Christ and his Word

So please come and enjoy some food and fellowship with other men as we seek to encourage our brothers in life and faith.