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Young Adult Bible Studies

Life Group Bible Studies

Here You Can Find all the Previous Study Materials if you have missed as session or are Just Curious

What Are We All About?

We are a group of Youngish Adults some with kids and some without (Which means anyone who is out of high school is welcome!) who are seeking to understand and stand firm on the truth found in God's Word. It is a Safe Place where we come to raise Questions and seek ways to answer/engage today's culture. Plus we get to hang out and have snacks. it is a fun small group of about 5 people and we would love to have more!

We meet at 8pm on Wednesday at each other's houses or the church. the Host changes every week! (we are Currently meeting over zoom https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83553351167 please come and join us.)

Once a month we have a Potluck, you don't have to worry about bringing food there is always lots!

For more information please Contact Ryan Dittmann @ 403-870-5368 or email him @ rdittmann@outlook.com 

if are looking for a quick way to get heads up on what going on Please consider joining our Life Group Facebook Page. Just click the link below.