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So you see that the gospel is really not a book of laws and commandments which requires deeds of us, but a book of divine promises in which God promises, offers, and gives us all his possessions and benefits in Christ. (Luther’s Works 35:120)

What is the Bible? There are many views about what the Bible is and how we should understand it. Throughout our culture, people refer to the Bible in different ways. They decide whether or not this ancient book has any importance or relevance for us today.

 Some people see the Bible in a negative light. It is a book with many laws and commandments to restrict and regulate human life.

But for Luther, the Bible is not about God trying to tell people what to do in order to gain favor with God or meet God’s requirements. It is not about what we can do for God. It has a bigger purpose. The Bible is about what God does for us. The Bible is a book of divine promises. It tells us what God promises to do, now and in the future. Here we find what God wants to give and share with us.

This book of God’s promises tells us what God offers and gives us in Jesus Christ. In Christ, we receive a life with benefits like none other. It is a life that can come from no other source. God’s promises provide the riches of God through what Jesus Christ has done for us. Christ brings God’s love and salvation. In Christ, God is with us. The fullness of God’s loving presence is ours in Christ. This is the most important benefit we can ever imagine!

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