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“If they called the father of the household Beelzebub, how much more will they call the members of the household this name!”

Matthew 10:25

When the world calls you a heretic, deceiver, liar, and rebel, this is a good sign that you are a decent man and similar to your Lord Christ. For he had to be just those things and be condemned and crucified with the murderers. What would it matter to me as a preacher, if the world called me a devil, when I know that God calls me his angel? Let the world call me a deceiver for as long as it desires. Meanwhile, God calls me his faithful attendant and his household servant. The angels call me their coworker. The saints call me their brother. The believers call me their father. The wretched souls call me their savior. The ignorant call me their light. And God says: “Yes, it shall be so,” and so do the angels with all creatures. How handsomely the world, along with the devil, deceived me with its reviling and abuse. What great victory it won over me. What great damage it inflicted on me, the dear world.

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