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Security in Christ

Filed Under: Luther's Devotions

By the law is the knowledge of sin. . . For all have sinned',
and come short of the glory of God; being justified freely by
his grace, through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus.

Rom. 3:20—24.

The law is known when I learn from it that I am a sinner
and am condemned, and see that there is no hope nor comfort
anywhere for me, and I cannot help myself, but must have another
one to deliver me. Then is the time I look around for
him who can help, and he is Christ Jesus, who for this purpose
became man, like us, in order that he might help us out of
the mud into which we have fallen. He loved God with all
his heart and his neighbor as himself, and submitted his will to
the will of his Father, fulfilled the law in every respect ; this I
could not do and yet I was required to do it. God accepts him;
and that which he fulfilled in the law, he offers me. He freely
gives me his life with all his works, so that I can appropriate
them to myself as a possession that is my own and is bestowed
upon me as a free gift.

Christ has through his death secured for us the Holy Spirit;
he fulfills the law in us and because we can't. For that Spirit, whom God
sends into our heart for the sake of his Son, makes an entirely
new man out of you, who does with joy and love from the heart
everything the law requires, which before would have been impossible
for you to do. This new man submits himself wholly
and entirely to the will of God. Whatever God does with
him, is well pleasing to him. This Spirit you cannot merit yourself,
but Christ has secured it. When I believe from the heart
that Christ did this for me, I receive also the same Holy Spirit
that makes me an entirely new man. Then everything God
commands is sweet, lovely and agreeable, and I do what he
desires of me ; not by my own strength, but by the the strength
of him that is in me, as Paul says, "I can do all things through
Christ that strengthens me."

But take heed that you do not undertake to secure this faith
in Jesus Christ by your own works or power. The Holy Ghost
must do it, and faith alone is sufficient to this end. Our good
works are for another purpose, namely, to prove our faith.

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