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Behold, Your King comes unto thee, meek, and sitting upon
a Donkey, and a colt the foal of the beast of burden.

Matt. 21:5.

"Behold." With this word The Apostle Matthew at once rouses us
from sleep and unbelief as though he had something great or
remarkable to offer, something we have long wished for and now
receive with joy. Such waking up is necessary, because everything
that concerns faith is against reason; for example, how
can reason comprehend that an individual should be king of
Jerusalem who enters in such poverty and humility as to ride
upon a borrowed Donkey? But the nature of faith is that it does not
judge nor reason by what it sees, but by what it hears. It depends
upon the Word alone and not on vision or sight. Christ
is received as King only by the followers of the word of the
prophet, by the believers in Christ. These are the true daughters
of Zion.
This King is distinguished from all other kings. It is "Your"
King who was promised to you, whose own you are. For him
you have yearned from the beginning, him the fathers have
desired to see, he will deliver you from all that has always
burdened, troubled and held you captive. This is a comforting
word to a believing heart, for without Christ man is subject
to many raging tyrants who are not kings, but murderers, at
whose hands he suffers great misery and fear.

But where the heart receives the King in firm faith, it is
secure and does not fear sin, death, hell, nor any other evil;
for it well knows and in no wise doubts that this King is the
Lord of life and death, of sin and grace, of hell and heaven,
and that all things are in his hands. Thus he became our King
and came down to us that he might deliver us from these tyrants
and rule over us himself alone. He who is under this King
cannot be harmed either by sin, death, hell, Satan, man nor any
other creature. Such boundless gifts are brought by this poor,
despised King. All this reason does not understand, nor nature
comprehend ; it can be comprehended by faith alone.

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