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Whosoever shall eat this bread, and drink this cup of the
Lord, unworthily, shall be guilty of the body and blood of the

1Cor. 11:27.

Let me say in regard to the Lord's Supper that when we
have received it we ought to give heed to love, and in this way
assure ourselves that we have received the sacrament profitably,
and at the same time furnish evidence to others; we should not
always continue to come and still be unchanged. Therefore
we must turn from our devotions and thoughts to our conduct
toward our neighbor, and examine ourselves in this mirror with
all seriousness.

The sacrament is to act upon us so that we
may be transformed and become different people. For God's
word and work do not intend to be idle, but are bound to produce
great things, to wit, to set us free from sin, death and the
devil, and every kind of fear, and make us servants even of
the least among men on earth, and this without the slightest
complaint on our part, rejoicing rather to find some one in need
of our help, and fearing only after receiving so much we
may not apply it at all.

When the Lord's Supper fails to produce this result there is
reason to fear it has wrought injury. Nevertheless, even if the
result is not great, we are not to reject those who are imperfect
and weak, but those that are indolent and insolent, who imagine
that they have done enough when they have partaken of the
sacrament. A change must take place in you, and there must
be evidence of it, then you will be able to perceive through the
symbol that God is with you, and your faith will grow sure
and strong. For you can easily feel whether you have grown
more joyous and bold than you were before. Formerly the
world seemed too narrow for us when we heard of death and
thought of sin. If you feel different it is not because of your
own strength, for in the past you could not do it. Thus you
can discover whether the Lord's Supper is producing any fruit
in your own life. If you experience nothing, go to God and
tell him of your shortcomings and troubles; we must all do
the same thing as long as we live, for not one of us is perfect.

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