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Jesus saith unto him, If it is my will that he will remain till I come, what
is that to thee? You follow me! 

John 21:22.

Christ teaches us a beautiful and touching lesson. Not with standing
the examples and lives of all the saints every person
should attend to the work entrusted to him and guard the honor
of his calling. This is truly a needed and wholesome teaching.
Many people are found like Peter, looking around to the saints
Christ loved, and turning their backs to the commission and
calling to follow Christ. As no one now is without some commission
and calling, so no one is without some kind of work, if
he desires to do what is right. Every one therefore is to take
heed to continue in his calling, look to himself, faithfully do
what is commanded him, and serve God and keep his commandments;
then he will have so much to do that all time will be
too short, all places too cramped, all resources of help too weak.
Moreover it is a common plague that no one is satisfied with
his own lot, so that the heathen say: How does it happen that
there is always better fruit in another field, and that the neighbor's
cow gives more milk than our own? How does it come
that no one is content with his own state and thinks that of
another is better than his own? If God allowed one to change
his lot with all his will, even then he would be like every one
else, would become more tired and at last stay with his own.
Hence one ought not to think of changing his lot, but of changing
his spirit of discontent. Cast aside and change that restless
spirit, then the lot of one will be like that of another and all
will be prized alike.

To overcome such unrest, discontent and disgust in one's self,
faith is helpful and necessary— a faith which is of the firm
conviction that God governs all alike, places each one in the lot
that is the most suitable for him. This faith brings rest, contentment
and peace; it banishes the tired spirit. Hence we see
how faith is needed in everything and how it makes everything
easy, good and sweet, even if you were in prison or in death,
as the martyrs prove. Without faith all things are difficult
and bitter, though you possessed the pleasures of the whole
world, as all the great lords and wealthy prove, who at all
times lead the most wretched lives.

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