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Board Updates

Come here to find updates on the Elder and Trustee Boards Business that they think you Should know about!

Board Updates

Greetings and welcome to a new season at Peace. 

Some information and updates from your Trustee board. 

1) The debit/credit machine is now up and running. It is presently located in the library area by the coffee area. Assistance will be provided to use the machine and receipts will be issued. Giving will be recorded on a confidential basis and tax receipts will be issued yearly as usual. 

2) New commercial sinks have been installed in the kitchen. 

3) The roof has been inspected and repaired. The cross is still stable so it will not be moved at this time. 

4) A new caretaker is being sought.  

5) Jeff Thomson has installed new lighting for the alter and renovated the sound room. Thank you Jeff!

6) Our insurance was reviewed and replaced last year and a safety and security review is underway. 

7) Leah Hasselmann has volunteered to take over Al’s job as treasurer and will stand for election at the annual meeting in early 2018. Kost accounting have been hired to do the bookkeeping. 

8) Included in the recent church survey a question was asked about paving the parking lot. We would dearly love to do this project but the cost is prohibitive. Paving would cost about $130,000 and the associated drainage improvement about $30,000. 

9) Our telephone and internet costs were reviewed and a cost savings of $1200/yr was realized. 

10) As always if you have any comments or questions please ask one of your trustees. They are Greg Butler( chairman), Steve Weisner, Al Vanderheide ,  Darrian Martinson,  Duane Danielson, Murray Lundberg and Keith Stang.