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We will Remain

Filed Under: Luther's Devotions

“Since the time we have stopped offering burnt offerings and drink offerings to the queen of heaven, we have lacked everything.”

Jeremiah 44:18

When God’s Word arose, a famine arose with it. For example, at the time of Abraham (Gen. 12:10), Isaac (Gen. 26:1), Jacob, Joseph (Gen. 42:5; 43:1), Elijah (1 Kings 18:2), and Elisha (2 Kings 4:38) there were severe famines while the light of truth shone brightly. And when the gospel took its beginning, there was a great famine throughout the whole world, Acts 11:28. This obviously must be the fault of the dear gospel and Word of God, and not the world’s previous misdeeds and current hardened ingratitude. Accordingly, the Jews blamed all their misfortunes on Jeremiah’s teaching, Jer. 44:15-19. And the Romans, when they had been destroyed by the Goths, could not help but blame their defeat on the fact that they had become Christians. But let them do what they always do. The world is the world. Just as those became liars and perished, so these too shall become liars and perish so that nonetheless Christ and his Word remain. There he sits at the right hand of God. Let him who so desires and is evil tear him down from his throne. But while Christ remains there, we also will remain. That’s a fact.

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