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By faith Enoch was taken up that he should not see death;
and was not found, because God had taken him: for before
he was taken he had this testimony, that he pleased God.

11: 5.

As among us we find many to whom such things are considered
absurd, and not sufficiently worthy of faith, so there is
no doubt that this account was deemed ridiculous by most people.
For that reason these things have by divine authority been committed
to writing and recorded for the saints and the faithful,
that they might read, understand, believe and heed them. They
present to our sight a manifest triumph over death and sin, and
afford us a sure comfort in Enoch's victory over the law, and
the wrath and judgment of God. To the godly nothing can
yield more grace and joy than these antediluvian records.
(of or belonging to the time before the biblical Flood.) What
facts could inspire more wonder and admiration than that a
man, born of flesh and blood, as we are, and defiled as we are
by sin and corruption, so obtained the victory over death as not
to die at all!
Christ himself is a man, and righteous, yet our
sins caused him to suffer the bitterest of all deaths ; but he is
delivered on the third day, and lifts himself unto life eternal.

In Enoch is the singular fact that he died not at all, but was
caught up, without death intervening, to the life spiritual and
This fact makes the narrative under consideration so memorable
that God intended to use it for the purpose of setting before
the old, primeval world the hope of a better life. Likewise, to
the second world, which had the law, God gave the example
of Elijah, who also was taken up into heaven and translated by
the Lord before the very eyes of his own servant Elisha. We
are now in the New Covenant, in a third world, as it were.
We have Christ himself, our great deliverer, as our glorious
example, who ascended into the heavens, taking with him many
of his saints.
It was God's will to establish in every age a testimonial of the
resurrection of the dead, that he might allure our minds from
this corrupt and in many ways wretched life, in which we gladly
serve God as long as it shall please him by the faithful performance
of all public and private duties, and especially by
instructing others in holiness and in the knowledge of God. Here
we have "no certain dwelling place." Christ has gone to prepare
a place for us.

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